Amazon Chili – Whole

Size : Whole

Taste : Medium Pungency

Aroma : Mild

Storage : Store in cool , dry place away from sun light

Origin : Colombia

Moisture Content : Max 12%

Usage : Spice

Scoville Unit : 50,000 to 70,000

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Grown mainly in the fertile amazon basin of Colombia , the amazon chili with 50,000 to 70,000 scoville unit of spiciness has a fruity, pungent and subtle acidity taste to it. To understand more about the amazon chili, one can think about the Tobasco sauce , where it’s chili variety is similar and related. The striking yellow amazon chili is due to it being harvested right before it is starting to ripe, with gentle drying technique, the beautiful color is retained, just as the fruity flavors as well.

The amazon chili is a versatile spice which can be used in many dishes, it can also be used to plate a dish to make it pop.