Charapita Chili – Whole

Size : Whole

Taste : Spicy

Aroma : Mild , fruity note

Storage : Store in cool , dry place away from sun light

Origin : Peru

Usage : Spice

Scoville Unit : Above 100,000

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Grows in the Peruvian Amazon not far from Brazil, this plant is wild grown and hand picked by farmers when fully riped. Even during the Inca times, Charapita Chili has been used to increase the heat in dishes. While looking only like a raisin , looks can be deceiving , as the spiciness level can be up to 100,000 scoville units. Exotic in nature, if one can withstand it’s spiciness, the fruity and floral after taste can then be truly appreciated.

These berries can be used whole, mortared or crushed to increase the heat of any stews, sauces or salsas.