Fermented Pondicherry Pepper in Salt – Whole

Size : Whole

Flavor : Mild Fruity Spiciness with pleasant salty note

Storage : Store in airtight container, cool , dry place away from sun light

Origin :India

Usage : Spice

We obtain our fermented pepper from the region around Puducherry, famous for its excellent pepper – the famous Pondicherry pepper. To produce fermented pepper, freshly harvested, fully ripe pepper fruits are repeatedly turned in moist, natural sea salt and dried in the sun. The salt removes a large part of its moisture from the pepper. At the same time, the pepper loses part of its peppery taste as the fermentation process begins, but it’s aroma is still retained . Fermented pepper is characterised by its mild and fruity spiciness with a pleasant note of salt at the same time. This exquisite pepper must be stored in airtight, dry and dark container so that it does not lose its aroma and flavor.