Organic Smoked Garlic Granules (Beechwood)

Size : Granulate

Flavor : Intense smoky(beechwood), garlic taste

Storage : Store in cool , dry place away from sun light

Origin : Egypt *From Controlled Organic Farming* / Smoked in Germany

Usage : Natural Flavor enhancer

Garlic is both spice and medicinal plant and is one of the world´s most popular spices. The ancient cultivated plant belongs to the group of leek species, with a strong aromatic taste and smell. The high sulphuric oils contained in garlics, have a health-promoting effect, and also mainly responsible for the pungent aroma. Our traditional handmade garlic smoked with beech wood will delight all garlic lovers. Mild, sweetish aromas and a pleasant smoky note make the garlic much more pleasant. Amber-coloured and with a delicate taste, the smoked garlic inspires with an inimitable variety of aromas. Smoked garlic is a multi-purpose all-rounder in the kitchen. Salads, soups and sauces, pizza and pasta, meat dishes, vegetable frying pans and stews, grilled sauces, seafood or home-made garlic butter turn into a special taste experience with smoked garlic.