Organic Tonka Sugar (0.3 – 0.8mm)

Size : 0.3 – 0.8mm

Storage : Store in cool , dry place away from sun light

Origin : Ingredients ( Columbia & Brazil ) *From Controlled Organic Farming* , Blended in Germany

Moisture Content : 0.01 – 0.1%

Usage : Table Sugar

An ingredient so good it has to be illegal . A wrinkly unassuming looking bean, yet contains an explosion of taste, aromas like vanilla, almond, cherry and “cinnamony” , this exotic bean is perfect for desserts and pastry. Just a tiny shavings of the bean could enhance the dish flavor ,yet going too much will overpower the natural flavor of a dish instead.

Using the best raw cane sugar and expert taster, an ideal blending ratio was achieve to create the tonka sugar, a versatile sugar which can be an alternative to vanilla sugar, the sugar can also be used to dose various hot beverages, cold desserts or even condiment sauce.